Parlour Diner – Windsor, Melbourne


I was meeting a friend who was down from Queensland on Chapel Street, near Windsor station to have a bite to eat. The restaurant we were going to eat at was closing, it was 4pm on a Sunday, so we walked up the road. We walked passed what looked like a fairly new establishment “Parlour Diner” They had a choice of a gluten free bun with their burgers and we were sold. We sat down and went through what we can and cant eat (our usual discussion) as we ordered. The waiter was extremely educated with dietary requirements and said the owner had some food intolerance’s and understood. The burger was incredible, this is the picture we took just to prove what you get with your order. It is the best gluten free bun yet. Highly recommended restaurant, I would have to give it 10/10 including the service.

Thank you Parlour Diner for the great experience.

Pictured, a sample of the gluten free burger! Wowzer!!!

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  1. Thanks for the review – looks like a good place to go with my gluten-free friends!

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