Mission – Gluten Free Range

I must admit it took me forever to like Mexican – only because I’m not a huge Chilli or Onion fan. But then I discovered Mad Mex restaurant which has let me to make my own Mexican dishes at home. Thanks to Mission they have made my life easy – the Corn Tortilla Wraps and the Corn Taco’s are amazing to cook with and taste just like restaurant quality. Yum

HINT – Their gluten free Nacho corn chips are amazing too for a Mexican snack.


Ayam Sauces

I decided I was going to cook a stir fry for dinner. Normally I would make my own sauce but I was sick and tired of the ones I usually make. So I went on a mission around the supermarket to see what I could find. I though I wasn’t going to find much when in fact I found heaps of Ayam sauces. OMG the range is huge and all the sauces are pretty much gluten free, fructose friendly and dairy free. WOW they are even tested in Melbourne Australia. The link below demonstrates Ayam’s extensive range….



Sue Shepherd – Gluten Free Recipe Book


Sue Shepherd is a Melbourne dietician and has Coeliac decease herself. She has written around 10 books and her recipes have helped me be more creative with my cooking. Sue’s book’s range from supermarket guides to fabulous recipes. My favorite book is “Two Irresistible for the Irritable”. For those who are new to a gluten free diet who feel like they “can’t eat anything”, or a looking for ideas to add variety, give her books a go. There are plenty of recipes ranging from simple entree dishes, to mains and deserts.  They are available online through shepherdworks.com.au or any good book store.


Gluten Free/Vegan Cupcakes!

Ok Ok Ok, I bet you are salivating. I know I am just writing about this.

Cupcake Central you have made all my childhood dreams become a reality! I can eat cupcakes again.

Thank you Thank you Thank you is all I have to say.

And out of all the flavors I have tried, Vanilla, Chocolate & Carrot just to name a few you have never disappointed.

I love your store and whenever “I’m in the area” I always have to have a delicious sneaky treat!

These little beautiful Cupcakes are Vegan as well (God help my waist line)

PS. Mothers day is just around the corner *Wink wink

Cupcake Central on Urbanspoon


Freelicious Corn Couscous

Freelicious have come out again with an fantastic product. I absolutely love this couscous. I have it for lunch and dinner.

It is quick and easy to prepare and I could seriously live off it.  I will add boiling water or heat up my “Moredough Kitchens” stock to cook the couscous. I add vegetables and Chicken, as well as some mayo to stir through.

I also create salads with the couscous as well – its so good and accompanies any meal/s

A definite worth while product to always have in your pantry!


O’Brien Gluten Free Beer


I tried O’Brien gluten free Pale Ale beer during a wedding a few weeks ago. I was quite impressed, firstly that a guest bought the beer along to the wedding (thanks Alex) and secondly that the beer actually tastes of the beer.

O’Brien beer has a very similar Pale Ale taste, a slightly sweeter beer taste although very refreshing – Highly recommended

O’Brien is also made in Ballarat (Yay so locally brewed) – it has won multiple awards for it’s Gluten free beer and it also comes in “O’Brien Premium Lager” At the O’Brien brewey they often have seasonal flavours.

I located the O’Brien Pale Ale and Premium larger brews at my local Dan Murphy’s, in Melbourne.



Gluten Free Book – 4 Ingredients

I absolutely love this book – It defines the way I cook – keeping it simple. I substitute all the fructose and dairy with other products of course.

I bought it at my local supermarket for only AU$12 totally worth it, even if it’s only for ideas.





After using Arbonne, I will not look back at any other skin care products. They are completely vegan and gluten free. After discussing my intolerance with a friend, she recommended I try these products. My skin has never felt so good!

For further information regarding these products please visit my friends gateway to Arbonne http://ibloom.myarbonne.com/ or click on the “Arbonne” link at the bottom of the page.



Gluten free savory snacks


Peckish rice crackers are available in a range of flavours including Chilli, Cheese, Plain and many more. Let me warn you, they are addictive, and great to eat as a snack. I bought these from my local IGA (Hawthorn). They are also available at other supermarkets. They are delicious!


Gluten Free Vanilla biscuits

These Eskal tea biscuits are fantastic – they have a great texture about them and are so nice accompanied with any herbal or natural tea’s

Definitely one of my favourite snacks – they are always in my cupboard.

I’m thinking they may make a perfect base for cheese cake as well ; )