My first ever post was about Kez’s Almond Toffee biscuits. I’m excited to be blogging about Kez’s again as they have expanded and introduced new products within their range. They have introduced Cereal bites, Florentine bars as well as an actual breakfast cereal. I must say, I’m extremely impressed. The Florentine bars are to die for! These are available in two flavours; Apricot and Cranberry, my favourite being cranberry. The cereal bites are a great little snack between breakfast and lunch. They contain lots of super grains like chia seeds, psyllium husk and flax seeds. From reading my first ever post you will also know the Almond Toffee biscuits are the winner to the end of a dinner party or as a cheeky sweet snack.


Schar Digestive Choc Biscuits, so good


I actually would not be able to tell the difference between the normal and gluten free digestive biscuits. These biscuits used to be my favourite before my diet. So you can imagine my delight and excitement when I found these. These Schar biscuits are available at Coles, IGA and specialist stores. Do yourself a favour, if you liked digestive biscuits or want a nice biscuit to end a meal, go out and get these!



Gluten free bakery – Fatto a Mano


Fatto a Mano located in Collingwood/Fitzroy, 228 Gertrude St Fitzroy, VIC.

This bustling little gem of a bakery cater’s for a range of diets. Best of all, this bakery does gluten free pizza, bread, biscuits and rolls amongst many other special gluten free treats. The staff are fantastic and very knowledgeable. If you opt for the gluten free items they will clarify if there are any other intolerance’s, and continue with appropriate recommendations or alternatives within the store. I have so much more to gluten free goodies to experience and I am excited to be able to walk into a bakery again. Thanks Fatto a Mano

It is a must bakery if you are in the area.

2013 Gluten Free Expo Australia

GF expoThanks to Coles Australia I attended the Melbourne Gluten Free Expo 2013. I had a ball! I met such amazing people, tasted and experienced such a great insight to the culinary gluten free world. I met my food idol Dr Sue Shepherd and I also met the creator of my favourite frozen bread “Genius” Bread, that is now available at Coles. Thanks Melinda you are a sweetheart. I look forward to working with you in the near future. Dr Sue Shepherd you are correct, Coles are doing such amazing Gluten free things and giving Australians easy access to a growing market.


The Mission Cafe is Gluten Free


(Sadly closed!) I have been flat chat stuffing my face over Easter with gluten free goodness as well as looking for a new job (found one) and studying. So apologies for the long delay since blogging! You will not be disappointed in this post let me assure you. I’m working (only for one more week, Yay) just up the road from Chapel St, Prahran. I also live near by so I like it when I discover new restaurants and cafes. If you are in Melbourne or traveling around I’m pretty sure this street will sound familiar to you.

Anyway at work we were being catered for during a meeting (Yum). They asked us if we had any intolerance/allergies (becoming common, awesome). So I put down “gluten free”. I always think the worst when I’m being catered for, I think a plain salad  (after I eat it I’m hungry 5 minutes later) or really, really stale/cakey bread.

I saw we were being catered for by Prahran Mission. I thought, cool they do amazing things for the underprivileged Melbourne community, although then I heard the words Gluten free sandwiches (not the dreaded sandwiches). Let me tell you I was blown away. I actually thought they had mistakenly put in real bread, the sandwiches were that good. Then to top it off I went into The Mission Cafe today during my lunch break with the lovely ladies from work (whom I’ll miss dearly BTW), and had a reasonably priced meal (but for a good cause). The meal I had was absolutely delish, I had the crushed avo, feta, one perfectly cook poached egg (an extra) , olive (a tiny bit sweet – just superb) on GF toast. Very fresh ingredients and generous portions!. Whilst paying for my meal to the delightful friendly staff the chef came out right on cue so I even got to thank the chef “Ian Olivier” personally for the wonderful meal!

I’m so so impressed I can’t wait to get back there.

The Mission Cafe

211 Chapel St
Melbourne, VIC

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Sukin skincare

I found a another affordable skincare range I really like. It’s Australian made so an added bonus!

As well as Arbonne it is free of sulphates, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, trietholamine, mineral oils or parabens. Most of the products are nut free and gluten free too.

It makes my skin feel nourished and fresh. I have been a sufferer of sensitive dry skin in the past although now my skin has never felt better. It actually feels normal. Give it a go, it is available from all good chemist’s and Priceline stores in Australia

If you are in another country other than Australia please go to Sukin’s link on my page


Gluten Free San Francisco

I have to say I had my worst meal and my best ever gluten free meal in San Francisco.

The best ever meal was at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

The best pizza I have ever eaten in my life.

You can reserve a table or you can always do take out two doors up. (which is what we did).

Both restaurants were heaving with locals and tourists and you could all tell what they were for. It was their delicious Pizza’s.

The atmosphere was something else. I have never experienced such passion in a take out restaurant – the guys making the pizza were happy, singing, shouting orders with passion, I think it made the difference to just any pizza parlor and the flavors.

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Gluten Free West Hollywood

If you are ever in LA’s West Hollywood, you must try Hugo’s If you want breakfast I’d have to say it’s the best in town. It has a great variety of gluten free products on the menu and they also cater for vegetarian and vegan diets. I had three different breakfasts at the restaurant and loved all my meals, obviously!

It is dog friendly and has a gorgeous little patio area for them (as you can see in the above image). Also there is plenty of seating inside but if you want a seat outside to dog watch or if you have bought your dog, get there before ten or after eleven AM. It can get busy and seats run out fast.

Another restaurant to mention is EVO  Its totally organic and also caters for a gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and organic diets. You may even see a celebrity or two – I did


Bistango – Gluten Free New York City!

Over the next few months I’ll be reviewing restaurants while I was away traveling in the United States on my honeymoon.

My first review is a dedicated Gluten free Italian restaurant.  I found Bistango in New York City. I have actually been twice the last time I went was in 2010. I was impressed then and still impressed today. The quality has definitely stayed the same.

The restaurant has a great vibe, more importantly an extensive gluten free Italian menu

From Gluten free ravioli to gluten free desserts. You must check it out when traveling in NYC.

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Gluten free Porrij

So it does exist – Gluten free Porridge well Porrij in this case! YAY finally a 100% gluten free porrij and its Australia made (by the lovely people at Brookfarm) in Byron Bay. But don’t stress you don’t have to go that far to get it! This product is available at all good health food stores. You must get your hands on some it is absolutely delicious. I have my porrij every morning with hot water a small drizzle of Maple Syrup mmmmmm. It is dairy, fructose & gluten free but does contain nuts.