My first ever post was about Kez’s Almond Toffee biscuits. I’m excited to be blogging about Kez’s again as they have expanded and introduced new products within their range. They have introduced Cereal bites, Florentine bars as well as an actual breakfast cereal. I must say, I’m extremely impressed. The Florentine bars are to die for! These are available in two flavours; Apricot and Cranberry, my favourite being cranberry. The cereal bites are a great little snack between breakfast and lunch. They contain lots of super grains like chia seeds, psyllium husk and flax seeds. From reading my first ever post you will also know the Almond Toffee biscuits are the winner to the end of a dinner party or as a cheeky sweet snack.


Schar Digestive Choc Biscuits, so good


I actually would not be able to tell the difference between the normal and gluten free digestive biscuits. These biscuits used to be my favourite before my diet. So you can imagine my delight and excitement when I found these. These Schar biscuits are available at Coles, IGA and specialist stores. Do yourself a favour, if you liked digestive biscuits or want a nice biscuit to end a meal, go out and get these!



Gluten Free/Vegan Cupcakes!

Ok Ok Ok, I bet you are salivating. I know I am just writing about this.

Cupcake Central you have made all my childhood dreams become a reality! I can eat cupcakes again.

Thank you Thank you Thank you is all I have to say.

And out of all the flavors I have tried, Vanilla, Chocolate & Carrot just to name a few you have never disappointed.

I love your store and whenever “I’m in the area” I always have to have a delicious sneaky treat!

These little beautiful Cupcakes are Vegan as well (God help my waist line)

PS. Mothers day is just around the corner *Wink wink

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Gluten Free Vanilla biscuits

These Eskal tea biscuits are fantastic – they have a great texture about them and are so nice accompanied with any herbal or natural tea’s

Definitely one of my favourite snacks – they are always in my cupboard.

I’m thinking they may make a perfect base for cheese cake as well ; )


Ice-cream and cones

I thought I would never be able to eat yummy ice cream or an ice cream cone again, although I was wrong!

Eskal has been making gluten free ice cream cones for a while now. Although I never had the chance to try them as it was hard to find an nice dairy free ice cream to put in the cone.

Now that “Nushie’s” ice cream has come out I have been able to try both. They are amazing together I feel like a child again and will use any excuse to eat both at the same time.

I have to say Truly Decadent Tiramisu is my favorite flavour then the vanilla, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I will say the cones are smaller than usual (probably good for the waist line)

The ice cream is about $14 (for the large size but totally worth it)

I purchased these from Thomas Dux



In Australia we have a popular ice cream chain named “Trampoline” they sell milky ice cream but also cater for GF and LF intolerance’s – so very summer I have to slurge and have the lemon and pineapple flavor’s (keep in mind the fructose flavor’s like mango and apple, although they may be ok IF the glucose content is higher than the fruit added).

By the way this pic was taken half way through eating it – you get double what is in this pic.

You can also try the sorbet at 7apples in St.Kilda (the red bull sorbet is to live for!) -