Caffe Strada

Caffe Strada

Caffé Strada

Is a cool little cafe situated in the main shopping strip of Ivanhoe.

The vibe is relaxed and the coffee is superb. Great if you live in the area and you know a coeliac as everything on the menu is gluten free. Treat yourself to a pre-made roll (they are amazing) or have yourself a homemade sausage roll for lunch. You can also order a classic chocolate eclair and order  Caffe Strada loaf of bread over the counter, which is baked fresh every day. The loafs are easy to freeze if you want to stock up whilst there.

My husband always comments that the food doesn’t taste gluten free, so it’s clearly a place to visit for all!

The cafe take reservations and have a bakery on site. Their breads are also sold at Leo’s

197 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe VIC 3079
(03) 9497 4875

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Gluten Free 4 U


My new favourite store to go to in Melbourne is Gluten free 4 U. There are two stores; one is based in Moorabbin and the other is in Kew.

I have just recently moved to the Kew area and discovered this store when driving past on Burke Rd. The first time I walked in I realised this place is a gluten free bakery mecca you don’t understand; this store will change your life for the better. If you are one of those people who thinks there is no choice but to miss out on your former favourite bakery goods like pastries, cakes, pies, sausage rolls etc, Well think again! From meat pies to hot jam donuts and birthday cakes. It’s all here, and of the best quality I’m yet to find. If you didn’t think there were any good gluten free wraps available, please head to Gluten Free 4 u. Having spoken to the owner Phil, these are made with love and are hand made on a daily basis. This explains why they are so damn good. They are soft and delicate like wraps should be.

The staff are very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. This store is a must. 10/10 it will change your life!


Contact Details

Gluten Free 4 U – Moorabbin

5 / 1-3 Bignell Road, Moorabbin VIC 3189

Phone: 03 9555 5175

Gluten Free 4 U – Kew

1345 Burke Road, Kew VIC 3101

Phone: 03 9817 6981

Fax: 03 9555 5739


Gluten free bakery – Fatto a Mano


Fatto a Mano located in Collingwood/Fitzroy, 228 Gertrude St Fitzroy, VIC.

This bustling little gem of a bakery cater’s for a range of diets. Best of all, this bakery does gluten free pizza, bread, biscuits and rolls amongst many other special gluten free treats. The staff are fantastic and very knowledgeable. If you opt for the gluten free items they will clarify if there are any other intolerance’s, and continue with appropriate recommendations or alternatives within the store. I have so much more to gluten free goodies to experience and I am excited to be able to walk into a bakery again. Thanks Fatto a Mano

It is a must bakery if you are in the area.

Where I shop…..

This is where I shop for my specialty items, and also to get new product information.

They are super friendly in store, and do tastings (on Saturdays) they also have cooking classes available at certain times of the year.