Mrs May snacks


First reason I like these Mrs May snacks is because they are named after myself Mrs May! hehehe

Second reason is because they delicious

Third reason is because they are extremely healthy

Fourth reason is because they have 0% gluten

Fifth reason is because they have 0% diary

Sixth reason is because they have 0% honey

Seventh and finally reason is because 100% fail proof, they won’t make you sick!





My first ever post was about Kez’s Almond Toffee biscuits. I’m excited to be blogging about Kez’s again as they have expanded and introduced new products within their range. They have introduced Cereal bites, Florentine bars as well as an actual breakfast cereal. I must say, I’m extremely impressed. The Florentine bars are to die for! These are available in two flavours; Apricot and Cranberry, my favourite being cranberry. The cereal bites are a great little snack between breakfast and lunch. They contain lots of super grains like chia seeds, psyllium husk and flax seeds. From reading my first ever post you will also know the Almond Toffee biscuits are the winner to the end of a dinner party or as a cheeky sweet snack.


Schar Digestive Choc Biscuits, so good


I actually would not be able to tell the difference between the normal and gluten free digestive biscuits. These biscuits used to be my favourite before my diet. So you can imagine my delight and excitement when I found these. These Schar biscuits are available at Coles, IGA and specialist stores. Do yourself a favour, if you liked digestive biscuits or want a nice biscuit to end a meal, go out and get these!



Gluten free savory snacks


Peckish rice crackers are available in a range of flavours including Chilli, Cheese, Plain and many more. Let me warn you, they are addictive, and great to eat as a snack. I bought these from my local IGA (Hawthorn). They are also available at other supermarkets. They are delicious!


Gluten Free Vanilla biscuits

These Eskal tea biscuits are fantastic – they have a great texture about them and are so nice accompanied with any herbal or natural tea’s

Definitely one of my favourite snacks – they are always in my cupboard.

I’m thinking they may make a perfect base for cheese cake as well ; )


Food for Health, Fruit Free and Gluten Free Bars


These are the perfect gluten free bars – they are great for a light snack and for traveling.

They only contain 9 healthy ingredients