Barilla Gluten Free Pasta


I love pasta and I have recently discovered my favourite pasta brand Barilla now has a “gluten free” range; they have elbows, penne and spaghetti pasta. The world famous pasta differs from the other brands because of the texture and the great taste. It’s literally just like real pasta.

Its so exciting to have more pasta options on the shelf of supermarkets in Australia, especially with such a reputable name. In addition to the fantastic new pastas, I have discovered some of the pasta sauces are also gluten free. I tried the Barilla Pesto alla Genovese, it was great with the Barilla spaghetti and I also used it as a dip when my friends came over. They were just as impressed.

Since the discovery of Barilla’s new gluten free range, I think I have had pasta for lunch and dinner all week! Mmm!


Pasta spirals

I love that a big brand company like “San Remo” can cater for people with our needs, they have gone down in price at the supermarkets – which is good if you are on a budget. Really amazing taste and no need to rinse them under water once cooked like a lot of the others – It can be served hot!


My Favorite Noodles

These are my favorite noodles – the texture and the flavor – they even take me back to my childhood – they remind me of tinned spaghetti without the sauce – give them a go.