Gluten free app


There are a few apps that can help you when you are traveling in Australia or living in Australia when looking for gluten free food. I have found this app, Gluten Free Eating Directory 1.4, really handy to find restaurants and shops specific to my dietary needs. When I’m in an unfamiliar area or traveling around the country this app is a great tool to help you decide where to eat.


2013 Gluten Free Expo Australia

GF expoThanks to Coles Australia I attended the Melbourne Gluten Free Expo 2013. I had a ball! I met such amazing people, tasted and experienced such a great insight to the culinary gluten free world. I met my food idol Dr Sue Shepherd and I also met the creator of my favourite frozen bread “Genius” Bread, that is now available at Coles. Thanks Melinda you are a sweetheart. I look forward to working with you in the near future. Dr Sue Shepherd you are correct, Coles are doing such amazing Gluten free things and giving Australians easy access to a growing market.


Sukin skincare

I found a another affordable skincare range I really like. It’s Australian made so an added bonus!

As well as Arbonne it is free of sulphates, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, trietholamine, mineral oils or parabens. Most of the products are nut free and gluten free too.

It makes my skin feel nourished and fresh. I have been a sufferer of sensitive dry skin in the past although now my skin has never felt better. It actually feels normal. Give it a go, it is available from all good chemist’s and Priceline stores in Australia

If you are in another country other than Australia please go to Sukin’s link on my page





After using Arbonne, I will not look back at any other skin care products. They are completely vegan and gluten free. After discussing my intolerance with a friend, she recommended I try these products. My skin has never felt so good!

For further information regarding these products please visit my friends gateway to Arbonne or click on the “Arbonne” link at the bottom of the page.