Barilla Gluten Free Pasta


I love pasta and I have recently discovered my favourite pasta brand Barilla now has a “gluten free” range; they have elbows, penne and spaghetti pasta. The world famous pasta differs from the other brands because of the texture and the great taste. It’s literally just like real pasta.

Its so exciting to have more pasta options on the shelf of supermarkets in Australia, especially with such a reputable name. In addition to the fantastic new pastas, I have discovered some of the pasta sauces are also gluten free. I tried the Barilla Pesto alla Genovese, it was great with the Barilla spaghetti and I also used it as a dip when my friends came over. They were just as impressed.

Since the discovery of Barilla’s new gluten free range, I think I have had pasta for lunch and dinner all week! Mmm!


Gluten free Porrij

So it does exist – Gluten free Porridge well Porrij in this case! YAY finally a 100% gluten free porrij and its Australia made (by the lovely people at Brookfarm) in Byron Bay. But don’t stress you don’t have to go that far to get it! This product is available at all good health food stores. You must get your hands on some it is absolutely delicious. I have my porrij every morning with hot water a small drizzle of Maple Syrup mmmmmm. It is dairy, fructose & gluten free but does contain nuts.


Freelicious Corn Couscous

Freelicious have come out again with an fantastic product. I absolutely love this couscous. I have it for lunch and dinner.

It is quick and easy to prepare and I could seriously live off it.  I will add boiling water or heat up my “Moredough Kitchens” stock to cook the couscous. I add vegetables and Chicken, as well as some mayo to stir through.

I also create salads with the couscous as well – its so good and accompanies any meal/s

A definite worth while product to always have in your pantry!


Gluten Free Pies

Yum Yum and Yum – These pies are great, the texture is like a real pie crust its crunchy not chalky and the taste is simply superb – you must follow the cooking instructions on the packet for the best results.

I sometimes add a bit of mashed potato to the top to make it a shepherds pie BUT I always add Heinz tomato ketchup.

These are also available at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) for those who love eating a pie at the footy or cricket!



These crumbs are really good for chicken Schnitzel, which is my favorite meal. You can also use them for meatball, stuffing and fillings they are definitely my favorite to use for this type of cooking. Give them a go.

They are Kosher and nut free too

Gluten free Schnitzel

4 x 150g Chicken Breasts (skinless or skin removed)

1/4  cup Gluten free corn flour (Whitewings)

1x cup gluten free corn crispy crumbs (Orgran)

2-3 eggs (dependent on size)

1-2 x cup/s oil (I use olive oil but its up to you)

To prepare 3 x bowls and 2 plates

In each bowl I put the corn flour – crispy crumbs – and eggs

On the plate I put the raw chicken I cut up the chicken into even bits about 4cm thick and bash it out with a tenderizing mallet so they become flat

First I coat the chicken into the corn flour – then dunk them into the eggs and then coat the chicken into the corn crumbs. Then I place them onto my second plate and repeat untill all the chicken is coated and ready for the hot oil.

On a medium heat I place the coated chicken into the hot oil they should go a nice yellow brown then turn for the other side to cook

After they look ready I take them out and place them on paper towel to get rid of the excess oil

Serve with mash potato (my favorite)

TIP:  you could also put some yummy fresh herbs in the egg (tyme or parsley are really good with chicken)


Quick home GF pizza bases

I tried these recently and they are delicious.

I double baked them –

First step

I placed pizza bases in the oven with tomato base  (tomato puree & more Italian herbs) as intructed on the pack for 6 minutes

Then I topped them with my favorite toppings

Capsicum (red & green), GF salami (KR Castlemain), Cheeses (Tasty & Parmesan – less than 50grams all up)

Then placed them in the oven for another 6 minutes (or until the cheese is melted)



Pre-packaged bread by “Spring Hill Farm”

This bread is a premixed packet – by “Springhill” – you can find it at Coles supermarkets – it’s really easy to make

Added Ingredients needed – Sugar, Salt, Dried yeast and water.

It tastes a bit like rye bread – Awesome if you have an 2hrs to spare

Quinoa – a nice rice alternative

A friend at work told me about Quinoa – When I tried it i was pleasantly surprised. I use it as an alternative to rice as you get sick of eating rice after a while. It has a more nuttier flavor than rice and I find it fills you. a definite “must have” in your cupboard – I have a great warm chicken salad that I will post in the weeks to come – I mix rice and quinoa in a rice cooker – just another little hint! Love this super grain and “Nature’s first organic” is brilliant in flavor.