My first ever post was about Kez’s Almond Toffee biscuits. I’m excited to be blogging about Kez’s again as they have expanded and introduced new products within their range. They have introduced Cereal bites, Florentine bars as well as an actual breakfast cereal. I must say, I’m extremely impressed. The Florentine bars are to die for! These are available in two flavours; Apricot and Cranberry, my favourite being cranberry. The cereal bites are a great little snack between breakfast and lunch. They contain lots of super grains like chia seeds, psyllium husk and flax seeds. From reading my first ever post you will also know the Almond Toffee biscuits are the winner to the end of a dinner party or as a cheeky sweet snack.


Gluten Free/Lactose Free Milk


This is the milk I drink – I find it the nicest out of the lactose free ranges. I don’t drink a lot of “lactose free” milk but when I do I drink Liddells. My Fiance enjoys it better than real milk as it is easier on the stomach – he has no intolerance’s at all – I think that says something. Liddells has just added cheese and chocolate milk to their range. When the cheese is melted it becomes really stringy! Being lactose intolerant, this is something I have missed dearly. I’m obsessed with the chocolate milk. It is absolutely spot on with regards to the sweetness and flavour.