Sue Shepherd – Gluten Free Recipe Book


Sue Shepherd is a Melbourne dietician and has Coeliac decease herself. She has written around 10 books and her recipes have helped me be more creative with my cooking. Sue’s book’s range from supermarket guides to fabulous recipes. My favorite book is “Two Irresistible for the Irritable”. For those who are new to a gluten free diet who feel like they “can’t eat anything”, or a looking for ideas to add variety, give her books a go. There are plenty of recipes ranging from simple entree dishes, to mains and deserts.  They are available online through or any good book store.


Gluten Free Book – 4 Ingredients

I absolutely love this book – It defines the way I cook – keeping it simple. I substitute all the fructose and dairy with other products of course.

I bought it at my local supermarket for only AU$12 totally worth it, even if it’s only for ideas.